I’ll show you how to become a more effective writer by improving your topic selection, your sentence structuring and paragraphing, and by basing practice essays on what you’re reading in class right now.

These steps include:

  • learn how to select topics appropriate to the lengths of writing assignments.
  • practice organizing the structure of multi paragraph essays.
  • learn how to strengthen a written argument by choosing relevant examples, and/or by developing a line of reasoning.
  • strengthen your vocabulary and grammar skills.
  • write sample essays which the instructor will evaluate and score.

Does this student sound familiar to you?

Most of my essays get grades like C+ or B-. My teachers write comments on my papers like “poor word choice”, “weak topic sentence” or “essay lacks structure”. Also, I know my vocabulary isn’t the greatest and that my grammar skills are weak. Sometimes the teacher has one of my classmates read an essay aloud that he considers outstanding. Meanwhile, I’m thinking to myself “why can’t I write like that?” What’s really starting to worry me is that I’m going to have to write strong essays on both my SAT’s and on my college applications. Can you help me?

The answer is “definitely”. We’ll practice writing assignments together. I’ll show you how to select an appropriate topic, how to immediately engage your reader, how to write a strong topic sentence, and how to arrange your paragraphs into a coherent argument in essay form. Specifically, we’ll write sample topic sentences and short sample paragraphs based on what you’re currently studying in class. In that way, your writing practice will actually reinforce your reading comprehension.

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