Universities goes test optional. Read the fine print.

Here is a copy of an e-mail which I sent to all present (and some past) test prep clients. It is in response to the recent announcement from the University of New Hampshire that they would become a “test optional” school in 2020. This is a very self-serving move on the university’s part which is partly shrouded by “political correctness” in the sense that students who historically “don’t test well” will no longer be at a disadvantage. This, of course, raises a question about how those same students will be evaluated once they are attending colleges. The fine print tells you that they still expect 80% or more applicants to supply test scores, which means that an even greater percentage will continue to take the SAT or the ACT. Here’s the e-mail:


When businesses want to expand their customer base they have a sale.

When colleges want to expand their client base they go test optional.

It’s called marketing.

And it explains why 80% of students seeking admission to test optional schools still submit SAT scores.

See this for what it is.