SAT Revision Info.

SAT Redesign

Length           2 sections:  Math and English  –  3 hours

Optional Essay-additional 50 minutes


Scoring         200-800 pts for each section of Math and English

Essay is scored 2-8 in each of 3 areas

(understanding, analysis, composition) length=750 words

Essay scores are reported separately


Reading and Writing         No sentence completions

Emphasis is on evidence-based interpretation of texts

Vocabulary is more familiar, but definitions  are based on context

Writing skills  (grammar, punctuation, usage) are all passage–based


Math               More emphasis on word problems and less on equations

Student should be familiar with the quadratic equation,

linear inequalities, and inequalities with variables

More algebra and less geometry – some trig.

More emphasis on interpreting graphs

Calculators are not allowed for one section


Essay                        Student must write an analysis of a provided text

3 areas of scoring:  (reading skills, analytical skills, writing skills)


Other Changes       In general, more reading-including Math

No penalty for guessing

Answer choices reduced from 5 to 4


Critical Reading:  65 minutes    52 questions

Written Language:  35 minutes    44 questions

Math:   80 minutes   57 questions