I’ll help you to improve both speed and comprehension by designing a “power reading” plan based on what you’re studying in English class right now.

What are the goals of this plan?

  • improve reading comprehension by examining the context of a reading selection, by identifying key words and phrases in sentences, by breaking down paragraphs into their constituent  parts, and by examining the overall structure of the reading selection.
  • increase reading speed without sacrificing  understanding by practicing three or more proven strategies for improving rate.
  • learn how to better interpret and understand assigned novels, short stories, plays, and poems from classical to modern.

Does this student sound familiar to you?

I consider myself an average high school student. My GPA is usually in the 2.5-3.0 range. I know that I could raise my average if I can just get better grades in English. Right now I’m reading a book which we talk about in class every day, but I’m really struggling with it and I feel like I’m falling farther and farther behind. Don’t get me wrong. I keep up with the reading and I actually kind of like the book. My problem is that the teacher points out things about the characters and the events in the book that I don’t recognize as being important when I’m reading it. How can I learn to recognize what’s important and what isn’t, so that I don’t need to rely on the teacher showing me? Can you help me?

The answer is “yes”. I’ll design a personal learning plan which will be based on what you’re studying in class. We’ll review the books, plays, short stories, poems, etc. together and I’ll help you to recognize and evaluate important characters, plot developments, and themes. I’ll teach you how to improve your reading speed and your comprehension, so that you can actually understand more in less time.

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