New courses offered by Coastal NH Tutor

The pandemic has been particularly hard on people like me who supplement their incomes by offering test prep tutoring services. Put simply, there were few tests to prep for!

Surprisingly, however, the calls kept coming, but with a difference. More and more inquiries were about reading comprehension skills improvement, and/or about improving composition skills, especially with regards to writing high school essays and college admissions essays.

I designed these two new courses: Mr. G’s High School Essay Bootcamp and Mr. G’s College Admissions Essay Workshop to meet those needs.

The High School Essay Bootcamp can be taken by students in grades 7-12. The skills I will teach will help the student write any high school level essay. And, I’ll provide additional essay writing help for 6 months free of charge.  

The course consists of four 60 minute one-on-one zoom sessions and costs $300.

The College Admissions Essay Workshop should be taken by students in grades 11-12. I’ll help the student prepare an impressive Common App Essay for submission with other admission materials. Also, I will not impose a limit on the number of essay drafts the student requires. Additional help with Common App Essays will be provided for 6 months at no additional cost. 

This course also consists of four 60 minute one-on-one zoom sessions and costs $300.

To learn more about course content, methodology, and exclusions, click here.