New Courses for 2022-23

Mr. G’s High School Essay Bootcamp

Four 60 minute sessions, cost: $300.00

In these four 60-minute one-on-one Zoom lessons, the instructor will teach the student how to write an honors-level high school essay.

Emphasis is on addressing a topic and structuring the essay, treating essay writing as a three-stage process, and learning about the mechanics of good writing, especially as they apply to grammar and style.  Additionally, the instructor agrees, outside of class, to act as a mentor for the student’s future essay writing assignments.

Mr. G’s College Admissions Essay Workshop

Students who choose this workshop will start by meeting online with the instructor. At that time, the instructor will assess the student’s writing skills, provide the student with information about what constitutes an effective college admissions essay, acquaint the student with the criteria used by admission officials to grade an essay, show the student examples of well written essays, propose a timeline for essay completion, and much more.

The zoom consultation will be structured around a class “textbook” which the student will have received prior to the meeting. The student will also be provided with links to two 45 minute videos which were recorded by the instructor to illustrate techniques described in the class textbook.  After students have watched the videos and perused the textbook, they will be instructed to  generate their first essay draft. The instructor will then schedule the first in what is usually a series of zoom meetings during which students revise essays and work toward a final draft.

The cost for students new to the instructor is $125 for the initial consultation, the textbook, and access to the videos. Follow-up zoom meetings are assessed at the rate of $75 per hour.

Students who are already known to Mr G. through SAT Prep, ACT Prep, or the High School Essay Workshop will enjoy a substantial discount.

To sign up for either one of these classes, or to find out more, call or text Jim at (860) 752-8796.