Do you assign homework?

Yes, homework is always assigned between tutoring sessions.

Homework acts as an important bridge between sessions to establish a sense of continuity and, more importantly, it serves to reinforce the skills taught in each session. The amount of homework is negotiable and will depend on the subject matter and on the student’s availability.

Do you offer online tutoring?

Yes, using Skype or Facetime, but with certain cautions. The biggest drawback for the student is distraction. The student must be located in a space that is quiet, where he or she will not be interrupted or distracted for the duration of the session. In-person sessions are always preferred when practical.

What age students do you tutor?

High school and college age students.

How do you take payment?

Payment in cash or by check is required at the time services are provided unless other payment options have been approved in advance.

Where do you meet with students?

In the student’s home with a trusted adult on the premises; otherwise, in the instructor’s home office with another adult present. Parents are always welcome to attend as well.

Meetings could also take place in a mutually convenient public building, such as a town library.

Please note that the student must bring whatever materials will be necessary for a successful tutoring session i.e. notebooks, binders, pen or pencil, and calculator.


Students are expected to be prompt.

A student may cancel or postpone a session with at least 24 hours notice, and as long as scheduling cancellations and adjustments are not a regular occurrence.

Students who regularly cancel or do not give 24 hours notice win be charged the full amount for the session missed.

What kind of improvement can I expect from test prep tutoring?

Improvement in the 100-200 range or greater per subject is common but cannot be guaranteed as the student’s motivation is a major factor. Additional considerations would include the number of hours spent tutoring, how seriously the student takes “class” instruction and homework, and the student’s understanding and acceptance that test prep requires a process approach rather than a “single event” mindset.

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