Curriculum Revision

After many hours of hard work I have completed my SAT prep curriculum revision. I have also revised the ACT essay prep to reflect that test’s recent changes. Both curricula are now divided into four sections.

Section One, entitled “What We Know”, provides the student with basic information about the test’s overall structure, numbers of questions, types of questions, which each type is designed to measure, how the test is scored, how much time is allocated for each section, etc.

Section Two presents a choice of strategies the student can employ. Each strategy is broken down into numbered steps in order to ease a student’s understanding and to facilitate application.

Section Three consists of moderately difficult exercises where the student practices applying his strategy of choice to representative questions. Answers to these exercises are provided along with explanations of what makes each correct choice correct. The student completes these exercises on his own time and highlights any incorrect response. He and the instructor review the incorrect responses where the student doesn’t understand the explanation provided for the correct choice.

Section 4 consists of more challenging exercises where answers are not provided. These exercises are completed by the student but reviewed in company with the instructor.

The highlight of my curriculum revision is a new methodology for reading which will apply to both SAT and ACT tests. I call it “The SST Approach”-See it. Say it. Touch it. This methodology uses three of our five senses to improve our reading comprehension.   More to come…